World Champion Figure Competitor Sharon Gayle is recognized not only as a top-ranking professional athlete, but for making her mark as a health and wellness authority both with her clients and in the media.  B-Status Daily Urban Lifestyle Online Magazine calls Sharon a "Fitness Guru whose approach and methods are proven successful and quite unlike many traditional methods."

Along with her ongoing success as a World Champion Professional Figure Competitor, Sharon is a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, Health & Fitness Specialist, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and the CEO & Founder of GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance with locations in New York City and Atlanta, GA. Sharon leads by example; practicing what she preaches -- the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle to live and function in peak condition at every stage of life!

For questions or to Book a Consultation: info@sharongayle.com


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Email: info@sharongayle.com

Locations: New York, NY & Atlanta, GA.

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